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WTB Services, Inc.

WTB Services, Inc. continuosly works to bring big business I.T. service to small businesses.

Sadly, there aren't many technology support companies available that are willing to work with small businesses in a way that is beneficial to the small business owner. Even hardware and software vendors don't consider you a small business worth attention until you cross the 100 computer threshold. Most support companies will relegate small businesses to 2nd tier support. Unfortunately many small businesses wind up with unqualified people managing their technology and installing sub-standard equipment intended for home use.

We have had questions from some people regarding our independent status. We actually consider the fact that we are independent as a major bonus and here is why. We are not beholden to one solution or one hardware manufacturer. We wont suggest a technology based on profit margins or sales quotas. We will give you honest advice about what is best for you. When you call with a simple question or a cry for help, we answer the phone. You wont be put on hold for the next available technician who is in another country.

This ongoing relationship gives you a qualified person who understands your systems and how you do business. We can offer you much better advice and support than a whole group of technicians who have never been to your business. In essence we can become your chief technology advisor to help steer you in the right direction. You will always know where you stand with periodic reports and face to face technology reviews.

We intentionally limit the number of computers under our care to ensure that we have the time to provide the highest levels of service. Periodically we will stop accepting new clients to stay within this limit.