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Network Design

workstations Like a building, your businesses information systems are built on a foundation. Just like a building if your systems are built on a weak foundation you will see problems that pop up and things have to be patched together to continue to function. This patching up process can quickly get out of hand and start creating more problems. The real solution is to put the right foundation into place to begin with but most small businesses start on a small foundation and grow beyond it. Fortunately, the foundation that your information systems are built on can be changed fairly inexpensively. Many of the changes that need to be made are in the configuration of existing equipment.

Moreover, a poorly configured foundation will not just cause you headaches, it will hold you back and many small ways that add up. If you have any questions about your businesses infrastructure call me and I will come by and make a free assesment and give you my honest opinion about what does or does not need to be done.